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What we provide

CRPCV provides education, food, shelter, and emergency relief to poverty-stricken children and orphans in Vietnam.

Education: Relief efforts center on enabling poor children to attend schools located in the remote villages of Central Vietnam free of charge. CRPCV projects provide these children with the basic ability to read, write and understand simple mathematics. With this knowledge, the children will eventually be able to learn different occupations so that they can both support themselves and help support their families.

Each school has approximately twenty-five to forty-five students between the ages of four and seventeen. The schoolhouses are thatched huts built with mud. Since the region is frequently hit by natural disasters such as typhoons and floods, schools are often totally destroyed and must be rebuilt from scratch. CRPCV assists in paying necessary construction costs incurred. CRPCV also contributes to the construction of more permanent schools.




Food: CRPCV provides hot lunches to children who attend the schools. Without these lunches, the children will only have one meal a day because that is all their parents can afford to feed them. The hot lunches consist of rice, tofu, beans, and other vegetables that satisfy the children's minimum nutritional requirements.




Shelter: As a long-term project, CRPCV plans to provide funding to build an orphanage in the village of Ha Trung, Vietnam. Presently, the orphans live in local Buddhist temples, which do not have enough room for them.

Emergency Relief: CRPCV also provides relief to the children in cases of emergency, such as typhoons, floods, or extreme sickness. This includes supplies of rice and other ready-to-eat foods, and funds for the building and rebuilding of bridges that the children must cross in order to attend school. CRPCV finances medical teams that visit the schools and treat the children for common diseases.

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How we operate

CRPCV works in conjunction with the Quang Tri Charitable Organization, an independent, non-profit relief agency that serves poor villages in Central Vietnam. The Quang Tri Charitable Organization is formed and operated by monks, nuns, and lay persons serving on a voluntary basis. The organization is not affiliated with the government of Vietnam or any other governmental entity. Because both the Quang Tri Charitable Organization and CRPCV are operated by volunteers, only a negligible portion of funds are used for administrative purposes.

All contributions that CRPCV receives are forwarded to the Quang Tri Charitable Organization, which uses every dollar to provide education, food and shelter to children who live in very poor, remote villages. Through the social workers who serve the Quang Tri Charitable Organization, CRPCV is kept informed of the conditions and progress of the children who receive assistance. Once or twice a year, the children write thank-you messages to CRPCV and to individual sponsors in the United States.


How you can help

Each five dollar contribution provides schooling and a hot lunch for one month for a village child. A contribution of $60.00US will help a child for a year. All contributions are tax deductible. You can help by sponsoring one or more children. Please fill out the sponsorship form by clicking here. Please write us at info@crpcv.org if you have any comments or questions. Thank you very much for your support.


Please email all ideas and comments to webmaster@crpcv.org

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